How to choose the right hosting provider? A Guide

How to choose the right hosting provider? There are certain key factors which decide whether a hosting provider is good or not.

Factors that indicate a good hosting provider:-

  1. Good support.
  2. Sufficient resources
  3. Less downtime
  4. Easy to manage


Let’s now see how do good support indicates that a hosting provider is reliable.

  1. GOOD SUPPORT – You should be able to contact the hosting company via chat or email it’s important because if you need help regarding hosting the company should be reachable quickly! If any error occurs and you aren’t able to solve then the hosting company should do his best in solving it.. Try contacting the support before buying and then ask them for C-PANEL DEMO see if they provide or not most reliable companies will do it.
  2. SUFFICIENT RESOURCES – You should be provided with sufficient resources as per plan. If someone is giving you 1 GB of storage with less RAM at a high price so that’s not fair. You should get enough resources for the amount you paid. Resources not only help an website load fast but also work efficiently. Always compare the hosting company you choose with others so that you get to know that you are getting worth the money you paid.
  3. LESS DOWNTIME – Downtime affects businesses as whenever a customer tries to buy a product from your site and if your website doesnt load or loads slowly, it impacts the sale. Downtime also leaves a bad impression on your first time visitors the people who haven’t seen your site before. So confirm that a hosting company at least provides 99% uptime (99.9 % recommended).Most hosting companies provide at least 99% of uptime. If you choose shared hosting then you might have some downtime recommend cloud hosting if you need more uptime as it bounces your site to another server when there is downtime on the initial server
  4. EASY TO MANAGE – your services should be easy to manage via a single dashboard access, which avoids contacting support for each & everything! You should have C-PANEL shortcuts on your client area so its easy to go anywhere some shortcuts are File Manager, Sub domains, Redirects ETC.

At INSTA HOSTING we have good support via WhatsApp, The support is at your finger tips plus we are too responsive. Are servers has Sufficient resources and we have low or mostly no downtime and its really very easy to manage all your products via the dashboard itself!

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