How to secure a WordPress website?

WordPress is vulnerable, so its advisable to follow and integrate some important features that makes the WordPress website secure!

  1. Enable 2fa – To enable 2fa we will use a plugin called word fence 2fa. It’s a plugin used to enable a 2fa on our site with the help of any authenticator app on our phone. As if a attacker hacks our WordPress website and he got to know the username and password but he still won’t be able to login to WordPress as he doesn’t knows the 2fa code.
  2. Update WordPress core – You should keep WordPress core updated as it is necessary for security the WordPress team keeps on stopping WordPress vulnerabilities and keep more security practices. Hey, it also gives new and new features in WordPress and also helps to fix many WordPress issues.
  3. Update themes and plugins – Themes and plugins developers keeps on fixing vulnerabilities in the plugins and themes . And so its too necessary for security. If you don’t want to update plugins one by one you can also enable auto-updates as it automatically updates a plugin whenever an update is available this can be done by cPanel softaculous or by going to WordPress dashboard – Plugins- And then click enable auto updates.
  4. Keep antimalware – You should have an antimalware installed on your WordPress website as it helps in stopping ongoing attacks ( Jetpack by WordPress is also good as it stops brute force attacks, Gives a free CDN, also gives us a free feature to let us know whenever our website is down or is in downtime.