What are the Common WordPress errors & how to save your website?

Today lets discuss about what are the common WordPress errors

But before that, if you have an issue with your website, always backup your site before repairing WordPress.
Whenever we try to repair WordPress errors or any other problem it might lead to some unexpected changes. So we recommend backing up your site before repairing WordPress or any of its errors.

  • WordPress Not Sending E-Mails.

WordPress most typical reason for not delivering email is that your WordPress hosting server isn’t configured correctly to use the PHP mail() function. Many email providers have tools which detect spam. These tools try to understand if an email is coming from where it claims to be from.We recommend using WP MAIL SMTP plugin for this error your host might provide you with a business email So, just login to your business email and there you will find the SMTP credentials in the very first email. SMTP doesn’t use the PHP mail() function. It uses proper authentication which help in great email deliverability rates INSTA HOSTING provides business emails with most packages.

  • Maximum file size reached , Unable to upload media.

This is the most common WordPress error which doesn’t allows a user to increase files after a maximum size in this problem you can use the plugin called TUXEDO BIG FILE UPLOADS. After installing this plugin go to media scroll down and you’ll find the maximum upload limit by default after installing the plugin its set to “0” Which means that the user can upload files of any size so you might let it remain the same.

RECOMMENDED – Change the size to 64 or 128 MB or the size you want rather then making it unlimited.

  • WordPress login redirect LOOP.

There might be a error on logging to your WordPress dashboard. This can really be frustrating. You should clear your cookies to resolve this error . WordPress tries to find login details in cookies. To clear your cookies in google chrome Go to chrome settings – Advanced and then clear the cookies.

  • WordPress plugins issue

Whenever any WordPress plugin issue occurs you should login to your hosting provider’s C-Panel and locate file manager there you can find the wp-content folder move in it then locate plugins folder rename it as n_plugins then Reload your WordPress site. then again locate to n_plugins folder and rename it to plugins the folder name before. Then find the plugin which was causing the error just delete it others will be deactivated by default just activate others and you are good to go (after renaming the plugins folder and on logging to dashboard you may see all plugins are deactivated don’t worry just activate the rest instead of the problem causing one.)

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