What happens if you use nulled themes or plugins?

Today we’ll know cost of using nulled themes or plugins

Have you ever used any theme or plugin or a script like WHMCS, You might have. These things are available in the free version as well as the paid version, The free version offers limited features unlike the PRO version, But do you know these Themes/Plugins or scripts are available in the nulled version too where the licensing is removed and you get the pro version for free, It works the same right! But do you know what can happen if you use these nulled scripts. Your website becomes vulnerable to attacks as soon as you introduce a nulled script on your website. You might not trust me but think once WHO GIVES ANYTHING FOR FREE? You might think that people also offer free scripts  which is free, then how is this statement correct ? Actually the developer even earns money from free plugins through monetization,  Donations, having their mark on your website . So everyone earns money.

What happens if you use nulled themes or plugins


Nulled scripts comes with viruses/ Trojans/ Worms etc. which gives your site access to an attacker who might hijack your website. Also they add unwanted malicious redirects in your website which lead your domain to be blacklisted or blocked.

The hackers gets access to your website as soon as you install a nulled script on your website.

Here’s what can happen if an attacker gets access to your website :

  1. He could take your website down and ask you money to get it back.
  2. He could change your payment gateway API resulting in payment from your website delivered to him.
  3. He could steal and sell your clients/ Your information.
  4. He could put malicious download links on your website.

In simple language installing a nulled script on your website is just like taking your website to death. YES ITS THAT.

CONCLUSION : You should never use nulled scripts on your website. Just spent some money get the paid one which too provides you a lot of support whenever you face any issue. Paid version also gives support to the developer. As per me you should support the person who gives you services.


Many companies can’t afford the paid cPanel and WHM, so they use nulled versions of these plugins. But at Insta Hosting We use the Original Developer verified plugins. So your data is always safe in your hand. We use original version of any plugin no matter its cPanel/WHM or lightspeed.

WITH A TRACK RECORD OF 100% UPTIME IN LAST 5 YEARS. We ensure you we will never let your website down

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